Autism Spectrum Workshop

Event Date December 05, 2022 to December 05, 2022 in events

Autism Spectrum Workshop

Recap: Inaugural Autism Spectrum Workshop

We're thrilled to look back on the success of the Inaugural Autism Spectrum Workshop held on December 5, 2022. Hosted by Daystar Institute of Disability Studies (DIDS), this event marked a significant step towards bolstering support for individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Leadership and Coordination

Under the esteemed guidance of DIDS Chair, Professor Abraham Waithima, and Coordinator Dr. Scolastica Kariuki-Githinji, alongside board members Prof. Martha Kiarie, Dr. Roselyne Olumbe, and Dorothy Muthoka, the workshop unfolded seamlessly. Dr. Martin Munyao, the Deputy Director of DU ODel and ICT, ensured a smooth experience for both physical and virtual participants.

Insightful Discussions

Throughout the workshop, attendees were treated to invaluable insights from experts in the field:

Dr. Flora Malasi, Deputy Registrar at KISE, shared her personal journey as a parent of a teenager with ASD, offering profound insights from her experience in Special Needs Education.

Dr. Niceta Ireri, a Clinical Psychologist specializing in neurodevelopmental disorders, delved into assessment techniques, sensory and emotional regulation needs, and interventions for ASD.

Dr. Sylvia Moraa Mochabu, founder of 'Andy Speaks', shared firsthand experiences as a parent of three boys with ASD, offering unique perspectives.

Dr. Beatrice Maingi, Director of Nobility House Restoration Center, provided strategies for understanding behaviors of concern and fostering positive support for individuals with ASD.

Dr. Scolastica Kariuki-Githinji discussed strategies for autism inclusion in school settings, optimal support approaches, and proactive measures to address maladaptive behaviors.

Interactive Engagement

Prof. Martha Kiarie and Dr. Susan Wandera facilitated engaging question and answer sessions, providing participants with an interactive platform for dialogue and learning.

Empowering Experience

With over 50 participants, both online and in person, the workshop fostered a deeper understanding of ASD and equipped attendees with practical strategies for support and inclusion.

As we reflect on this past event, we invite you to join us in our ongoing mission to create a more inclusive and supportive world for individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Together, we can make a meaningful difference.